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Alongside cyber security, the need to protect personal data and implement IT solutions to prevent breaches, marketeers will be thinking about the best way to use their budget in light of restrictions on using personal data post-GDPR. After 25 May 2018 all businesses will need either consent (which can be withdrawn) or a legitimate reason for contacting customers, making unsolicited marketing a super high risk area. Penalties for failure to comply with GDPR include significant fines, not to mention the reputational damage and impact on relationships with customers.

Think about your data

Many companies use personal data e.g. to send updates and offers to existing and new customers. It is also common to share personal data with providers who might organise these mail shots or analyse databases. This will be high risk, so it is important that in engaging third party suppliers for email marketing, you think about how data will be used and stored, and make sure companies have appropriate security.

Consider your marketing budget

It is also prudent to think about spreading your marketing budget, for example spending on lower risk strategies such as SEO marketing and social media. Significant value can be created and harnessed here without data risk. SEO uses a data driven analytical approach to produce real, measurable results and, crucially, without using personal data. Social media is increasingly important too, and most platforms offer sophisticated dashboards on which companies can measure results in real time.

Gain expert advice

Third party suppliers experienced in these areas can leverage expertise gained in the course of a number of projects to help benefit your business. For example, helping with decisions about where to spend marketing budget, the best time of day to use different platforms and the best platforms and optimisation strategies for your business. Email strategies that may become higher risk can also be stress free with the assurance of professional grade IT security.

Zenos can help with all of this and more and would love to talk to you about getting your marketing strategy ready for post-GDPR, to ensure you can maximise your budget whilst minimising your risk. Get in touch today if you’d like to hear more.

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