Alongside cyber security, the need to protect personal data and implement IT solutions to prevent breaches, marketeers will be thinking about the best way to use their budget in light of restrictions on using personal data post-GDPR. After 25 May 2018 all businesses will need either consent (which can be withdrawn) or a legitimate reason […] View
Many businesses are moving their data and services to the cloud to reduce costs and improve how staff can work. The latest Office 365 update sees the suite now available for users on Chromebook computers, which are generally less expensive than Windows PCs. For a new company saving on hardware, this could help reduce those […] View
Highly targeted marketing campaigns will be far more successful than a generic message sent to thousands of recipients. Here we explore how you can create highly targeted marketing campaigns to reach the customers you are currently missing. Divide and conquer If you have a business email marketing list filled with thousands of names, it may […] View