This case study is based on how the adoption of the cyber essentials has helped a company that handles very sensitive information increase their cyber security.

Who is the client?

Talk Works provides psychological services to businesses, based in the North East of England. Their team of psychologists work directly with employers and staff to improve employee wellbeing, reduce absenteeism and enhance productivity.

Based in the North East of England, they are a leading psychological therapies service provider. Services include Counsellors, CBT therapists and Psychologists to provide one-to-one talking therapies to individuals. Talk Works Learning and Development Team work directly with employers and staff to improve employee wellbeing, reduce absenteeism and enhance productivity via lunchtime seminars and training workshops.

What was the problem?

With GDPR looming Talks Works was concerned about their cyber security, particularly as the business handles sensitive clinical data. At the same time, network and collaboration issues were becoming more prevalent as the Talk Works team was beginning to grow.

Zenos were tasked with improving existing information security systems and upgrading the cyber security to the Cyber Essentials base line. Once the work was completed, the Cyber Essentials Certificate was award to prove Talk Works commitment to good IT and data security.

The Solution?

Technical stuff

Zenos conducted a full audit of the Talk Works network and from this point we understood Team Works pain points with regards to GDPR. Office365 was reconfigured and we implemented two factor authentication for all employees. Data was encrypted along with an upgrade workstation licensing.


Probably the most important part of the project came down to training. Social engineering is perhaps the largest security risk in any organisation. Not only this, the new features that Office 365 presents regarding security and collaboration is a big upgrade compared with the functionality of the old server setup.


Data security in Talk Works is now first class, cyber essentials certified. Well trained staff are now confident with IT issues preventing security leaks and proactively raising concerns before they become an issue.

With peace of mind, everything has been done to protect against most cyber security risks. Talk Works can focus on what it does best, helping people.