“Hold on, let me speak to the guys in IT…”

Hey, that’s us! Your (outsourced) tech department.

To fully tailor our IT services to your business, here are some key features Zenos can offer:

  • 24/7 helpdesk support
  • IT manager support
  • Training
  • Regular site visits
  • Security testing and audit
Zenos fully tailoured IT Services & IT Support
A whole month of free support

We know that “one size fits all” just doesn’t cut it.

That’s why we focus on a bespoke IT services, tailored to your needs. So say goodbye to legacy contracts based on hardware, and welcome to your new relationship with Zenos Technology managed services. Understanding your business is what we’re all about.

We offer IT services that are:

Hassle free IT services Newcastle

Hassle free

High quality IT services Newcastle

High quality

Up-to-date IT services Newcastle


Bespoke solutions IT services Newcastle


We're only a click away

IT Support only a click away

As technology consultants, we will help with all the technology your business needs to thrive. What’s more, we take pride in a high level of customer service. If you’re happy, we’re happy. So, we aim to keep it that way.

Most technical issues can be resolved quickly and promptly by our helpdesk team. We use secure remote access software to help with any technical issues.


We have engineers throughout the UK who can offer efficient on-site help and assistance when required. This includes emergency cover in the event of a major system failure.

No resting on our laurels

Our work is never ‘done’ and that’s exactly how it should be. We check your systems daily to make sure everything is running as it should. Any issues identified are quickly dealt with by our technical team.