Agnostic Cloud Provider

Azure is great, but how about AWS? Wait there’s also Google Cloud! At Zenos Technology we pick the right Cloud solution based on your businesses and users needs. We personally use a mixture of all three major Cloud providers for our in house systems. Our goal is to meet your requirements both technically and financially.

Cloud Solutions

  • Office365
  • GSuite
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Cloud Flare

Benefits of Cloud for your Business

Great control of technology expenses

No longer are you required to purchase expensive computer systems up front or wasting time unpacking and racking up servers. The power of the Cloud allows us to instantly provision and deploy systems with a click. Operation costs may also be reduced by the following:

  • No management of legacy hardware and upgrade strategies
  • Lower staff required to manage large infrastructure
  • On premise energy bills are reduced
  • Time to deploy hardware is reduced


Connect to your virtual office, quickly and easily from home, the train or holiday. With Office365 all your data is encrypted with SSL. All networks can now be treated as public networks and still allow you to work seamlessly and securely. A business that employe Cloud to give their employees greater flexibility see an increase in productivity and better security practices.


You’ve just hit the news and your website is getting loads of traffic. You need some more power instantly. No problem with Cloud computing. Scale up and down the services you require on demand. Whether its processing power or storage, letting your Cloud service provider handle these changes allows you to focus on running your business.

Business continuity

Natural disasters, power failures and other crisis will happen. A good business continuity plan helps protect your data and systems. A business with utilising Cloud technology has its data backed up and protected in multiple safe and secure locations. With the ability to access your data anywhere in the world, business can continue as normal. Downtime is reduced and productivity is affected as little as possible.

Productive collaboration

Are you still sharing files and information via email? The Cloud gives us fantastic collaboration capabilities, creating an environment where working on a project across different locations becomes a whole world easier. Files stored in the Cloud can be accessed by multiple users at the same time without being emailed across unsecured networks. No more closing down a spreadsheet so your boss can open it. Monitor and control access to all documents for increased security. The possibilities are endless.

Access to automatic updates

A new update has been released for your mission critical servers. They aren’t powerful enough anymore and need a processor upgrade. This type of situation could cause your business a massive headache. Cloud computing service providers can potentially respond automatically and keep your systems up to date with little to no impact on day to day operations.