If you’ve ever used online banking or eCommerce websites, then you may have heard of SSL certificates. In Google Chrome this is shown with the ‘green padlock’.

SSL certificate and online security.

Cyber security is now more vital than ever before. According to national statistics over half of all fraud is now cyber related (1.8 million incidents last year). These statistics highlight why this top level protection is so important. But just what is an SSL certificate and why should you seriously consider getting one?

SSL certificates explained

In simple terms, an SSL certificate is a very effective way of making your network secure and keeping any malicious attacks at bay. It allows your business to create a secure connection between a web server (your organisation’s services) and a web browser (your user or client).

The process behind it is fairly simple. An SSL certificate has a pair of keys to operate – a private key and a public key. These keys work together when installed onto your server to help encrypt any sensitive information that may be required when someone is using your website. A good example is an eCommerce website where a customer has to enter their bank card details to make a purchase.

Why are they a good idea for your business?

There are two main reasons why getting an SSL certificate installed on your server makes perfect business sense. The first is that it establishes trust with the consumer and makes them more likely to use your services or buy items from your website. In the modern business age, any website that handles personal details but without an SSL certificate has a problem with looking trustworthy.

The second important point is that it will help protect your business from cyber crime. SSL technology helps to stop malicious individuals from accessing data that may be going to and from your server. With the new GDPR laws now in effect, providing robust cyber security is a key factor in compliance.

SSL Certificate Help

If you would like more information on SSL certificates or how to install one on your server, then contact us today. We have many years of experience in the network security field and can help keep your business safe with this crucial piece of protection.