This is our statement in regards to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

We’re not here to tell you to wash your hands

Before we start, it’s important that we set the correct tone for this statement. There’s a lot of dispute about Coronavirus (COVID-19), but we’re not here to lecture you on what is right or wrong for your business.

Under no circumstances are we going to use this as a marketing ploy or see this as any profit-making opportunity. This is for information purposes only.

Our precautions – ensuring minimal service disruption

The most important matter for us to account for is the well-being of our staff, contractors and our customers. We therefore will follow and strictly adhere to the guidance as offered by the government.

For those who don’t know, Zenos Technology employs staff and contractors that are situated throughout the UK. Rarely do we have everyone all under one roof.

Due to the nature of our trade, we’ve already got a secure remote work policy and we’re all well prepared to work from home should the situation escalate.

How we can help – if you need us…

The biggest consideration at the moment is preparing the ability for staff to work from home where possible. We can help with the following;

– Setting up secure remote access

– Telephones, online meetings, and instant messenger

– Business continuity

Again, this is not an opportunity for us to profit and we will always look at ways to use pre-existing technology to meet any needed requirements.

Be cautious – Spike in email scams

We’re seeing a spike in email scams where hackers are preying on the fear of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Security experts say a spike in email scams linked to coronavirus is the worst they have seen in years.” – BBC News

Watch out for the following emails scams relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19);

– Fake links

– Fake crowd-funding and donations

– Fake government tax refunds

Source: BBC News (Correct as of 16/03/2020) Link:

Further information

Please do not hesitate and get in touch if you have any concerns.